This Casebook is intended as a Casebook for a course in Constitutional rights, focused on the guarantees of liberty, equal protection, and due process in the United States Constitution.

It stresses the doctrinal developments but also explores the theoretical and historical contours focusing on the Fourteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution. The Casebook presents basic concepts of constitutional adjudication and federalism, stresses equal protection doctrine and substantive due process, and introduces other constitutional liberties including the Second Amendment.

The Notes accompanying the cases emphasize skill development in constitutional analysis.

Notes on typography

Court opinions often have typographical marks such as ellipses, brackets, and parenthesis. Some more recent Court opinions also have a series of floating asterisk before the concluding paragraph or paragraphs.

Court opinions also generally have extensive citations. Many of these are included in the edited versions in this Casebook. However, complete citations are often omitted and references omitted or condensed without editorial indications.

Editorial marks in court opinions are as follows:

Omissions from text are indicated by a series of four asterisks: * * * *

Additions to text are enclosed by curly brackets: { }